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June 6, 2019 Bathroom Designs

Frameless Shower Doors VS Traditional Shower Door

Frameless shower doors – Everyone should choose good quality shower door for their home. It is available in the market in very wide selections. Some people still confuse in choosing between the traditional shower door and modern shower door which is usually frameless. Here is some inspiring ideas you need to read to help you figuring out the best shower enclosure for your bathroom. It is very essential to know so you can have best result after installation.

Frameless shower doors will be such a newest and fascinating shower enclosure improvement. This will be the more expensive than the traditional one. It offers you several benefits and amazing feature to enjoy. It is twice as much than the shower curtain offers. It has solid composition made of glass and tempered 4x so it is more durable than other traditional shower door. It is a strong shower door so it can last longer even more than 20 years use.

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Frameless shower doors also has the smooth texture which can make it easy to clean. So, you have no additional cost for maintenance if compared to the traditional type. The traditional shower door requires cleaning and water for rinsing, but this kind of shower door has relatively easier maintenance. It is also great to avoid molds and mildew. Moreover, this kind of shower door is also available in wide variety types and styles including folding, bi-folding, sliding, swinging, etc. You can choose one that meets your own style.

This article main ideas is frameless shower doors

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