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July 9, 2019 Decor Ideas

Differences of Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans – Everyone want to have a very comfortable room where people can have relax and comfort there. You need to plan to install a ceiling fan even for your outdoor location. It is also very important to purchase a fan which is designed specifically for that purpose so, how it work and how to choose it? Here are some ideas about it you must read.

Outdoor ceiling fans are designed differently than indoor ceiling fans because each of them are made for different purposes. How to differentiate between indoor and outdoor ceiling? First the decorative motor casing is either sealed or designed to prevent water or moisture from coming in contact with the actual motor inside the outdoor ceiling fan. Secondly, the wiring is higher grade also with additional shielding to avoid damage more.

Outdoor ceiling fans are also screwed with stainless steel. The other components are also made typically of stainless steel. Meanwhile, the finish on the motor casing and hardware is usually a weather resistant powder coat or stainless steel. There are also some additional protective coating to handle exposure. For the blade itself, it is usually made of abs plastic rather than plywood. This kind of material is very strong and also durable to resist warping and discoloration from moisture or uv exposure.

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This article main ideas is outdoor ceiling fans

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